Women's Chamber of Commerce

The Women's Chamber of Commerce formed in 1922 as a division of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.  In 1937, the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta was chartered and reorganized in 2016.

In 1922, the "Women's Division" of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce was formed.  By 1937, the division became self-sustainable and the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta was chartered.  The WCC planted the first tree downtown Atlanta, successfully lobbied to the Georgia Board of Regents for women to be admitted into universities and managed the Atlanta Dogwood Festival for decades before it became its own entity.  In 2016, the WCC was reorganized and includes an active International Women's division.

A division of the Women's Chamber of Commerce, the origins of the International Women's division date back to 2008.  We began as a  small network of international and expatriate women living in Amsterdam.  Since then, the community has grown and evolved into a vast network of successful entrepreneurs living around the world.
2016 Statistics
40.49% of Georgia businesses are women owned, but generate 4.8%  of all revenue.

77.12% of women owned business in Georgia have revenues of less than $25,000 per year. 

In Norway, the law mandates that 40% of board seats of publicly held companies must be held by women.  There is no such law in the U.S. 

12.9% of Georgia public company board seats are held by women; 2.2% are held by women of color.
Promote women in business throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta Area. 

Promote the advancement of women in the workplace, including closing the gender pay gap, career development and board of directors.

Promote Atlanta as a progressive city by partnering with International organizations.

Promote leadership development in young ladies.
OPPORTUNITY: Giving back to our community by mentoring, volunteering and partnering with other organizations.

CONTACTS: Both business and personal.  Assisting fellow members during travels and relocation by offering referrals. 

PROMOTE:  Act as your extended sales team by offering leads, referrals, career opportunities, job listings and board openings.
EDUCATION:  Through interesting programs and planned events and projects.

  1. Angela on June 14, 2009 writes:
    “ A really friendly group of women who made me feel welcome straight away even though this was my first event. I look forward to seeing again ”
  2. Suzana on June 20, 2009 writes:
    “ To try to make new contacts and to get to know better some VERY pleasant and welcoming girls! ”
  3. Bridget on January 19, 2010 writes:
    “ the group is full of fun and will spirit you up! ”
  4. JJ on May 12, 2010 writes:
    “ It's a great way to meet ladies from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. ”
  5. Lucia on August 24, 2012 writes:
    “ Is a great "place" to meet interesting, friendly and international like minded ladies.... I love it! ”
  6. Angelica wrote on December 6, 2013:
    “ The concept of a women network is really exciting and I'm very thankful for this group and filling the gap. I think that for ladies willing to take the participation seriously it could become a place for awareness, creativity, new ideas and partnerships, mutual help ...and fun! ”
  7. Joanna M. wrote on October 18, 2013:
    “ Great forum for women entrepreneurs to network ”
  8. Tanja wrote on September 5, 2013:
    “ I really like these meetings! Lovely international group of like minded ladies. If you like to know new people, this is a great opportunity! ”
  9. Joanna C. wrote on December 18, 2016
    "I had an amazing time at the December Luncheon. I met some really great contacts. You did an amazing job of bringing everything together. If you have not yet joined the Women's Chamber you need to get on board. I see great things for 2017!"
  10. Maria on December 16, 2016
    "Great event today. It was great connecting and meeting so many ROCKSTAR women!!! I look forward to future meetings."
  11. Amaryllis wrote on March 8, 2017
    "The WCC did an outstanding job and the event was full of nuggets. Met some amazing ladies. Looking forward to see how I can plug in to support some of these women causes. Thanks again for all you do."
  12. A Magistrate Judge wrote on March 9, 2017
    "I absolutely enjoyed myself at the luncheon on yesterday! Being in the midst of such dynamic, motivated women is just what I needed… I am looking forward to more opportunities to network and celebrate with my sisters."
  13. Faith on March 9, 2017
    "The International Women's Day event was such a lovely experience that exceeded my expectations in many ways. ​Looking forward to attending more events in the future."
  14. Neha on March 9, 2017
    "Thank you for organizing an awesome event yesterday especially to celebrate International Women's Day. It couldn't have been a prettier day to honor each other and the work that we do everyday. It was so inspiring to be in a room full of incredible women who are all trying their hardest to achieve their dreams. The keynote speakers were amazing too. Both Nakia and Theia were motivating in getting us energized about next steps. "
  15. Elayne wrote on March 10, 2017
    "It was so great to meet at the Women's Chamber of Commerce luncheon for International Women's Day! What an extraordinary group of women, and such an empowering event. Thank you for hosting."